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Immigration Law


  • International, intracompany workers (EB-1)

  • Masters or Bachelors Degree Holders with 5 years of progressive work experience (EB-2)

  • Professional, skilled, and unskilled workers (EB-3)

  • Ordained ministers and religious workers (EB-4)

  • Direct investment or regional center (EB-5)

  • Applying for U.S. Citizenship

  • Consulate processing abroad through national visa center


  • Corporate consulting

  • Change of status/extension of status

  • B-2 Visitor visa

  • F-1 Student visa

  • E-1 Treaty Trader visa

  • E-2 Investor of private enterprise visa

  • R-1 Temporary religious worker visa 

  • H1-B Employment visa

  • O-1 Alien with extraordinary ability for academics/business/athletics

  • L-1 Temporary intra-company transferring employee visa

  • I-1 Foreign media representative/journalist visa

  • K-1 Finacé/fiancée of USC visa, K-3 foreign spouse visa only for consulate processing

  • TN Canadian/Mexican/NAFTA professional temporary work visa

  • U Foreign victim of crime temporary visa 

  • V-3 Foreign spouse and minors of LPR temporary work visa

  • Denial of Adjustment of Status/Extension of Status: motion to appeal/motion to reconsider/motion to reopen (F-1/H1-B)

Family Law

  • Immediate relatives: spouses, children under 21, United States Citizens (USC)/parents of USC

  • F1 unmarried sons and daughters of USC parents

  • F2A spouse of lawful permanent resident (LPR), and minors (children under 21)

  • F2B unmarried sons and daughters over 21 whose parents are LPR

  • F3 married sons and daughters of USC parents

  • F4 brother/sister of USC

  • Removal/Deportation defense

Business Immigration

  • E-2, Immigration Business review

  • Business and Corporation setup

  • Corporation structure

  • Shareholders agreement

  • Sale/purchase of business

  • Asset transfers

  • Lease review

Removal (Deportation) Defense

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